• Brief Acute Care Brief acute care- practitioner/client recognises healthy behaviours, harm reduction and risk taking behaviours.
  • Therapeutic Counselling- Initial assessment completed to ensure service is appropriate for the individual at the time.

6-8 Sessions with a qualified counsellor

 Integrative person focused approach using CBT, Person Centred and Psychodynamic

Goal orientated work; Egan

Prevention work to ensure positive well being and development of resilience.

  • De-escalation- giving the individual a sense that they are in control because when they are in crisis they are feeling out of control and their normal coping measures are not working. Re-establishing their normal of functioning.
  • Crisis Intervention for individuals with mental illnesses – mental illness symptoms can change over time they can get better or worse as a result of normal life stressors.
  • Alternative Therapies; Reiki, Reflexology and Massage
  • Links to services both Statutory and Community & Voluntary organisations within the NHSCT.