Mission Statement:

Hey you,

We can’t always promise to fix all your problems, but we can promise you won’t have to face them alone.


  1. To provide support for individuals who are experiencing thoughts of suicide and/or self-harm.
  2. To promote positive mental well being and prevention of suicide and self harm through awareness campaigns.
  3. Work in partnership with other organisations; both statutory and voluntary within the area who have a focus on mental health.


We will

  • Ensure every individual is accepted and treated as equal.
  • Provide a safe and secure place for those individuals accessing/engaging in our services.
  • Deliver person-centred services based on needs identified via research and community engagement.
  • Treat our employees and volunteers with respect ensuring a safe working environment and that they feel valued within their roles.
  • Ensure professional standards are met; statutory, legal and governance requirements.
  • Work in partnership with both statutory and community/voluntary organisations to serve the community, ensuring appropriate support is provided to those individuals who are experiencing crisis or ill mental health.